A downloadable educational game for Windows

Making Konjugaattori 3000 (Conjugator 3000) and using it helped me to better understand and memorise the rules of Finnish verb conjugation. I hope that it will help others to learn Finnish verb conjugation too, so here it is.

For now, only present time is available. Don't worry, it will already keep you busy for a while :D

Release notes and more info: https://martinbussy.com/konjugaattori-3000/

Install instructions

  1. extract the ZIP archive (it will be automatically done if you install the program through the Itch.io desktop app)
  2. run the shortcut Konjugaattori 3000.lnk where the ZIP archive has been extracted

Launching the game through Itch.io desktop app won't work.


Konjugaattori_3000.zip 5 MB

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